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Since the launch of Trade Cluster for Export, it has been gaining a leading position in the fresh fruit and vegetable market in Egypt and the world. Quality systems have been at the top of its priorities, and the goal has been to send high-quality products to all customers around the world. This is considered essential to gain customer trust in our products in addition to accessing new markets. One of the most important things that concerns us is to maintain our slogan in terms of quality to ensure that the product reaches all our customers around the world through the application of a high-quality system. Therefore, quality has been one of our main objectives as we deal with the product from the field to the dining table to ensure the quality and health of the products.

Trade Cluster specializes in exporting fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds. It seeks to provide the best products from farms in the local markets and provide them to importing companies directly at the best prices.

– The company is capable of all contracts in a legal manner, and carrying out all supplies in a weekly, monthly, or daily manner, and providing all financial facilities over the duration of the contract.

– The company coordinates shipping dates, arrival dates, and receipt and the possibility of packing according to customer requests.

Additional details:

Trade Cluster has a strong focus on quality. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring that all products meet the highest standards.
The company sources its products from reputable farms that are committed to sustainable agriculture practices.
Trade Cluster offers a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.
The company is able to meet the needs of a variety of customers, including retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice providers.
Overall, Trade Cluster is a leading exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables that is committed to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.


How to Care for Agricultural Crops

Our interest

First: You should choose the best quality seeds or seedlings and pay attention to the agricultural cultivation that you will plant the plants and agricultural crops with. If the seeds are not good and the soil is not suitable for cultivation, then good agricultural crops will not be produced.


Second: Provide agricultural crops with all their needs. Agricultural crops need water in certain quantities. Each crop has its need for water, so you should be aware of these quantities it needs.


You should also provide agricultural crops with the appropriate organic fertilizer, so that in the end good crops will come out that are suitable for food or suitable for export and sale.


Third: Do not neglect to rid agricultural crops of insects that may infect them and cause the decay of crops and crops. You should provide the crop with the utmost care by using the appropriate pesticides to kill harmful insects.


Fourth: Agricultural crops, whether vegetables or fruits, must be pruned continuously so that the crop does not spoil and grows in a correct way that does not expose it to rot or damage.


Fifth: It is very important, during harvesting, to use the correct method to collect it. It is not permissible to treat all agricultural crops as one in the harvesting process. There are agricultural crops that are harvested using equipment, while others are harvested using a stick, or they are harvested by uprooting it from its roots.


Sixth: Do not forget the quality of storage. There are many agricultural crops that have been rotten and spoiled due to poor storage. There are crops that need well-ventilated places, and they are not exposed to humidity during storage, and there are others that need the sun so that they do not spoil.


Here are some additional tips for caring for agricultural crops:


Choose the right location for planting. The location should have good soil and sunlight.

Water the crops regularly. The amount of water needed will vary depending on the type of crop.

Fertilize the crops regularly. Fertilization helps the crops to grow strong and healthy.

Pest control is important. Use pesticides to control pests that can damage crops.

Harvesting is important. Harvest crops at the right time to ensure that they are ripe and healthy.

Storing crops properly is important. Store crops in a cool, dry place to prevent them from spoiling.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your agricultural crops are healthy and productive.

Qualified specialists

At Trade Cluster Company, we take pride in our vast experience in exporting high-quality agricultural produce to a multitude of countries worldwide. From the very beginning of the process to the point of delivery, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and freshness.

Our services

The company offers end-to-end logistical services starting from farm collection through to export procedures, including customs clearance. With vast experience in land, sea, and air freight, they provide competitive shipping prices to all countries and continents around the world.

Our experiences

Our company is a famous supplier and exporter of high quality fruits and vegetables to many countries around the world. Its product range includes a variety of fresh and delicious fruits such as grapes, oranges, pomegranates, and guava, as well as nutritious vegetables such as onions, potatoes and yams. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the industry.

Our goal of service

This service is designed to help companies improve their export efficiency by providing guidance on all export-related procedures and actions. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to represent beneficiary companies with importers, thus opening up new markets.

Our products

All types of agricultural crops


Onions are a great source of antioxidants, quercetin, and flavonoids, which play a vital role in protecting our cells and tissues from damage. Studies have demonstrated that the quercetin present in onions helps eliminate free radicals in our body and prevents the oxidative processes associated with atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

The tom

It is evident that garlic has been used for various purposes for thousands of years across the world. Recent studies have shown that garlic can help in preventing a number of health problems, including reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


Potatoes are an excellent source of essential minerals that are crucial for maintaining strong bones and healthy nerve and muscle functions. When boiled in its skin, one large potato can provide up to a quarter of the potassium you require daily, along with a fifth of both magnesium and phosphorus. However, if you peel potatoes before boiling them, they lose some of their mineral content, saving only a quarter of the potassium and a sixth of the phosphorus that you need daily.

ٍSweet potato

Sweet potatoes and yams are highly sought-after vegetables globally, especially sweet potatoes, which are one of the most abundant and effective cultivars. Moreover, they are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, making them a healthy option for consumption.


Tomatoes are truly a powerhouse of nutrition, as they contain a great deal of vitamins C and K, potassium, folic acid, and water. In fact, they are about 95% water, with 4% carbohydrates and 1% fiber. The health benefits of tomatoes are often attributed to lycopene, which is found in the highest concentrations in tomato-based products like ketchup, juice, paste, and sauce. Overall, incorporating tomatoes into your diet is a smart choice for maintaining good health.


Mango is a delicious fruit that is also very healthy. It contains beneficial acids like folic acid, which can help improve fertility in men. For women, folic acid is known to prevent miscarriage and promote overall health. Mango is also a great source of vitamin C, which is an important nutrient for maintaining good health.


Oranges are not just a great source of vitamins, but they also contain numerous nutritional products and acids that can aid in promoting maternal health and preventing diseases and infections. Some of the key nutritional benefits of oranges include.


Lemon is a fruit that is packed with various vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamins C and B6, as well as minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium, and copper. Additionally, it has dietary fiber, antioxidants, folic acid, and citric acid, which provide the body with plenty of energy. All these elements make lemon a highly beneficial fruit for overall health and wellbeing.


The benefits of pomegranate are indeed numerous, which makes it one of the healthiest fruits out there. Eating it or drinking its juice can provide you with a wide range of benefits, such as stimulating the burning of body fat, maintaining healthy skin, improving mental powers, maintaining a healthy digestive system, and lowering cholesterol levels. It's definitely a fruit that is worth incorporating into your diet!


Examples of our work

Our services

Are you looking for import and export services for agricultural products? We offer a wide range of supply and distribution services for all types of crops. Our products are of high quality and can compete with international products. We ensure that our products meet all specifications, standards, and tastes. The key to our success is our commitment to producing products that meet the highest local and international standards. We use modern technology to ensure the quality of our products is always top-notch.

Fruit and vegetable sorting

Where fruits and vegetables are sorted and prepared with the highest quality and the latest technology, we have established ourselves as a strong contender in the export industry. However, the quality of our products is not just about appearance. We also ensure uniform weight and color, and conduct rigorous health content control to exclude any substances that may be harmful to human health.

Fruit and vegetable packaging

The company takes great care in the packing process to ensure that the fruits are handled with expert hands and without any contact between the worker's hands and the fruits. Cleanliness is given strict consideration and all workers follow hygiene and public health procedures to guarantee the finest high-quality products.

Fruit and vegetable packaging

It's important to place vegetable and fruit products in an organized manner in order to preserve their freshness and avoid injuries that can result from handling, such as bruises caused by pressure, collision, or friction due to vibration, as well as cuts or punctures. To help consumers make informed choices, it's also important to include essential information on the packaging, such as the type, variety, weight or number, country of origin, and brand of the product.

Fruit and vegetable cooling

To maintain the freshness and quality of our products, we use top-of-the-line refrigerators to preserve them before and after processing. At Trade Cluster Company, we specialize in the most effective methods of cryopreservation or freezing to extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits. Our techniques allow the produce to retain their vitality, natural flavor and texture, as well as preserve their essential vitamins. Moreover, our methods effectively prevent the growth of germs and eliminate them, ensuring that our products are safe for consumption.

Customs clearance

These steps usually require five to seven working days to complete, provided that the shipment is normal and there are no violations. Nowadays, the customs clearance process has become more streamlined and convenient due to the increasing use of automated systems.

Our goals

Achieving sustainable growth in Egyptian exports.

Encouraging the transition towards exports that have high value.

Expanding the pool of exporters to include more small and medium enterprises.

How to enter markets that offer favorable export opportunities.

Creating a business-friendly environment and streamlining procedures to facilitate the needs of exporters.

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