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How to take care of agricultural crops

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First: You must choose the best types of seeds or seedlings and pay attention to the agricultural culture in which you will grow plants and agricultural crops. If the seeds are not good and the soil is not suitable for cultivation, good agricultural crops will not be produced.
Second: Provide agricultural crops with all their needs. Agricultural crops need water in certain quantities. Every crop has a need for water. You must be sufficiently aware of these quantities that it needs.
It should also provide agricultural crops with appropriate organic fertilizer, so that in the end they produce good crops that are suitable for food or suitable for export and sale.

Third: Do not forget to rid agricultural crops of insects that may infect them and spoil the crops and crops. You must provide extreme care to the crop by using appropriate insecticides to eliminate harmful insects.
Fourth: Agricultural crops, whether vegetables or fruits, must be pruned constantly so that the crop does not spoil and grows in a correct way that does not expose it to rot or damage.
Fifth: It is very important when harvesting crops that you use the correct method to collect them. It is not permissible to treat all agricultural crops as the same in the collection process. There are agricultural crops that are harvested through the use of equipment, and others are harvested through the use of a stick, or they are harvested by Uprooting it from its roots.

Sixth: Do not forget about the quality of storage. There are many agricultural crops that have rotted and spoiled due to poor storage. There are crops that need well-ventilated places and are not exposed to moisture during storage, and there are others that need the sun so that they do not spoil.

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Trade Cluster Company has great experience in exporting agricultural crops with high quality to most countries in the world (it does it from scratch, until the product reaches the importing company).

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Starting from the collection stage from farms, and ending export procedures, such as customs clearance, the company also provides all logistical services and shipping at competitive prices to all countries of the world and all continents with strong experience in land and sea air freight.

great experience

We supply and export high-quality fruits and vegetables to many countries around the world.
Especially grapes, oranges, pomegranates, guava, onions, potatoes and yams.

Purpose of the service

This service aims to raise export efficiency by supporting companies in learning how to carry out all procedures and actions related to export, with the possibility of representing the beneficiary company with importers to open new markets.