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Our services

Import and export services. Import and export of agricultural products. Supply and distribution of all types of agricultural crops
Our products are of high quality that compete with international products and suit all specifications, standards and tastes.
The quality of our products is considered one of the most important reasons for success, in accordance with the highest local and international standards.
Modern technology

Stages of the export process

Sorting stage

Where fruits and vegetables are sorted and processed with the highest quality and the latest technology, making us one of the strong competitors in the field of export.
With a distinguished quality department, the uniformity of weight and color is monitored and healthy materials are used in order to avoid any harmful substances to human health.

Mobilization stage

Packing is carried out by trained expert hands, without contact between the worker’s hand and the fruits, taking strict care of hygiene, so that all workers follow hygiene and public health procedures to provide the best quality food.

Packaging stage

Vegetable and fruit products are placed in an organized manner to preserve the freshness of the products and avoid any injuries resulting during handling, such as (bruises resulting from pressure, collision, or friction due to vibration, as well as cuts or punctures). Place the necessary information on the packaging, including (type, variety, weight or number, country of origin, and brand).

Cooling stage

To ensure the quality of the products and keep them fresh, there are refrigerators at the highest level to preserve the product before and after processing.
Trade Cluster Company specializes in the best methods of cryopreservation or freezing in preserving vegetables and fruits for a long period of time, allowing them to preserve their vitality, keeping them natural, preserving their vitamins, in addition to preventing the activity of germs and killing them.

Customs clearance stage

These steps take between five and seven working days if the shipment is normal and there are no violations. In fact, the customs clearance process has become smoother and easier these days because most of them are automated systems.